Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Haven`t Given Up!

I`m still working on face number 2!  I am getting close to completion now but seeing as though we are going into day 5 and I haven`t posted anything since day 1, I didn`t want anyone to think I had dropped out of the challenge.  The whole reason I entered into this challenge was to work on my speed and the fact that I LOVE to paint faces!  I have never been able to complete a face in a day before,  so to think that I would all of a sudden be able to do 29 of them each in a day is just crazy.  If I can at least get faster then I was before then I will be satisfied.  I already paint every single day, in fact, all I do all day everyday is art so I don`t have an issue with that, I'm just really really slow when I paint! lol  Anywho, I am thrilled with how face #2 is turning out so I am excited to share it with ya'll!!!  Soon, very soon...
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