Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 20 ~ 29 Faces Challenge

Finally looks like I'm starting to get somewhere with this one, unh!  :)    Just about done actually, I just got started  on her hair when I decided to call it a night.  I will finish her hair tomorrow and then decide whether or not to add the broken but stitched up zombie style hearts to the painting or not.  I haven't decided yet, what do you think?  

I have to go for blood work in the morning and so I have been fasting, I hate fasting!!!  Can't wait to get it done and over with in the morning and have some breakfast!   Then I will be back home here to finish this hot zombie chick once and for all.  Can't wait because I have so many ideas pouring around my little head and I can't wait to start putting some of them onto canvas!  The other thing is I just discovered Chunky Book Pages for the first time in my life last night.  I have never heard of them before and now that I have, I can kind of feel a new addiction coming on lol kind of like the addiction I have with ACEO's already.   If you don't know what Chunky Book Pages are either, here is the description I found.  Chunky Book Pages are 4x4 pieces of art that usually have chunky bits hanging from the edge or bottom & are traded, collected & bound in books in many different ways.  Check out this link to see some examples.  I think they look really really fun, so I think I might just have to start making some of my own!

See you tomorrow!! 
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