Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Stamps and Other Ramblings......

Hiya Oddballs!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day with your sweethearts or Anti Valentines Day whichever is your cup of tea! lol 

Yesterday was the 15th of the month so you know what that means....

there are 5 new stamps in the Oddball Etsy Shop for you to browse!  As always they are available for instant download by following this link to my new "New Release" section on Etsy.   I have created the NEW RELEASE STAMP section where you will be able to find all newly released stamps for the first 30 days, after that they will be moved to the appropriate section.... CUTE STAMPS.....CREEPY CUTE STAMPS or 1 DOLLAR STAMPS 

My hope is this new organization will help you to quickly and easily find what you are looking for.

...and finally the fabulously beautiful samples my lovely DT ladies have created to inspire you using this weeks 5 new stamps....

The lovely NAZ has been very busy in deed ....

She used "KIKI SAYS..." IMG#287 to create the sweet card above, this stamp set includes the sentiment she used with 2 different font choices and the speech bubble is separate so you could even mix and match with other sentiments you may already have in your stash!   This way Kiki can "say" almost anything lol ;)
after sooooo many requests from crafters online and at local art shows to create my creepy cute little zombie boy MOE from my original painting series Big Juicy Tears of Blood & Pain into a digital or rubber stamp I have finally given in, sort of......   

Moe had a baby......  her name is Moesha........  and just like the original series, this digi edition series will be ongoing, stay tuned to see Moesha getting into all kinds of trouble while having fun and even meeting some cute little undead friends along the way!  Naz has used MOESHA IMG#291 from my brand new digi stamp series Big Juicy Tears of Blood & Pain Digi Edition to create the above creepy cute card! 

another request I received was to create a couple of stamps based upon a couple of my original paintings.....  the beautiful card above was created by Naz ( I told you she's been busy, and all of that while working hard to get her own new digi stamp line launched and her new Etsy Shop open for business, If you have not checked it out yet you are missing out!)

Naz used my new stamp CRYING ZOMBIE IMG#289  which was inspired by my original painting of the same name to create the above card.

DAY DREAMS IMG#288 was also inspired by my original painting of the same name. BETTINA used this new stamp to create the beautiful card above!

Below are 2 more stunning samples of this new stamp in action,  the first was created by TRACEY ...

and the next GRANNE be sure to click on each DT members names along the way to see more of their beautiful works....

JENN also whipped up this adorable card below using MOESHA IMG#291, how cute are those little pink skulls eh  :)

This gorgeous card below was created by LORI using "KIKI SAYS..." IMG#287 and the alternate font choice for the sentiment.  Gotta love that blue hair!

and another example of KIKI SAYS..." IMG#287 all pretty in soft pink created by ANDREA below...
 ANDREA has also been quite busy recently, this adorable card below she created using the last but not least newest stamp release titled 2 LITTLE DINOS IMG#290 ....
and if you haven't heard already Andrea has also launched her own new wonderful digital stamp line on Etsy, please pay her a visit as she has some gorgeous artwork to share with you!

JULIE used "KIKI SAYS..." IMG#287 to create the above card, a great example of how you can use the blank speech bubble included in this set to use any sentiment you care to!

That is all for this weeks new releases, I will have a brand new bunch for you come the first of March!

In the meantime I leave you with the following links, your opportunities to win lots of FREE STAMPS....

Our Blog Challenge just started yesterday HERE

Our Facebook Challenge still has 2 more weeks left to enter HERE


and finally just a refresher to any and all crafters using my digital images, please be sure you have read and understood my ANGEL POLICY so you are aware of all the do's and don'ts of my digital downloads!   Did you know that you can sell your handcrafted items created with my stamps?  YES you can, find the details and more by clicking HERE!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below, what is your favorite craft to create using digital images?  

Thank you for stopping by!
Lizzy xo

Monday, February 1, 2016

New Stamp Releases and Other Things....


If you are here from the BLOG HOP please click HERE to visit my blog hop post and enter my giveaway!

I have 5 new stamps in the shop today, well actually I added them a couple of days ago since I knew today would be a busy one and they have already been sold a few times so this is probably already old news to some of you! lol  BUT what you likely haven't seen yet is all of the beautiful samples created by my awesome design team!

2 of today's new releases are actually old stamps that I have redrawn to make new again....

the stunning card above was created by Bettina using IMG#22 Chloe which as you can tell by the number is one of the first few stamps I ever created.   I like to think that with every drawing I do, I get a little bit better at it.   So as time passes things will catch my eye in the older stamps and I feel an urge to redraw them lol

The timing couldn't have been more perfect with Miss Chloe and her sweet heart shaped balloon as Valentines Day is just around the corner.   If you already own the original version of this stamp it won't be difficult to spot the changes, but for those that don't, I have redrawn her head completely, touched up her clothing and the balloon just a little and added a brand new "sweetheart" sentiment to go with it as you can see in the stunning card above created by Tracey.

This adorable card above was created by Granne using Chloe and IMG#17 Patsy which is the other even older stamp that I redrew. 

With Patsy I redrew her head completely and cleaned up the lines everywhere else.  With both Chloe and Patsy you get 1 smiling girly and 1 pouting girly in each set.

This next breathtaking card was created Naz using my brand new stamp Ziggy IMG#285

I chose to name her Ziggy since I was inspired to create her the day David Bowie died.   To say I was devastated by the news would be understatement, but I picked myself up & poured all of that emotion into my artwork.   I created 2 sketches that day, one of them became this stamp which as previously mentioned I titled ZIGGY and the other became a beautiful watercolor painting of a fairy that I titled STARDUST.  

This stunning card above was created by Bettina and the next 2 beautifully colorful samples below were created by Delores...

Below you can see this super fun card created by Jenn she used my brand new image titled Mary-Jane IMG#286

I know this image isn't for everyone but those that do enjoy it I bet will really appreciate it lol  I actually didn't set out to create a new stamp with this one.   What happened was,  I painted up IMG#279 Long Day and decided to share it in 1 of my favorite facebook groups 420 Vegans as I figured the members there might really appreciate it, and it turns out they did, a lot!  So the group admin offered for me to use a piece of my artwork for their banner.   I looked at the banner they already had, which was AWESOME and decided if I was to replace it with my artwork it would have to be something brand new and just as awesome, so I got out my Twinkling H2O watercolors and got busy...

I painted the image above for the 420 Vegans banner and after realized that there may be people out there who would like to have this pot smoking girly as a stamp and so thats how Mary-Jane IMG#286 came to be!

The 5th and last new release I have to share with you today is another Seal Fundraiser Stamp Set 100% of the funds from the sale of this stamp set goes to charity and we are celebrating all month long with a Blog Hop, stop by and join in the fun, we have LOTS of prizes including an original watercolor painting, a giclee print and lots and lots of digital downloads to win! 

The beautiful card above was created by my design team member Andrea using the new Seal Fundraiser Stamp Set.

This new set comes with an extra large jpeg coloring page and a zip file containing all of the images separated into their own png files with transparent backgrounds so they can be easily moved around the page or used individually as seen in some of the samples below....

created by Bettina

created by Naz

created by Lori

created by Julie

above and below both created by Granne 

As always on the first of the month we have a brand new Challenge starting over in the Oddball Art Stamps Facebook Group

I hope you will come and join us for a chance to win some free digi stamps from my Etsy Shop


I would love to hear from you...
which of the new stamps is your favorite?
is there anything you have been waiting to see as a stamp? let me know in the comments below and it just might show up in the next release February 15th!

Thank you so much for stopping by! 
Lizzy xo

A Super Sealy Blog Hop & Give Away

As you probably already figured out we are having another BLOG HOP!  YAY!

This one is extra special as we are raising funds for a really great cause that is so near and dear to my heart!

Since I am last in the hop you have probably already seen all of the lovely cards made by my design team ladies using my brand new Fundraising Seal Stamp Set and Coloring Page

What I did is a little different, I used my original sketch for the new stamp set and created a 12" x 12" original watercolor painting....

I used my beautiful Twinkling H2O's on 140lb cold pressed watercolor paper to create this painting and now the best part........


Since this a fundraiser after all and 100% of the funds from the sale of this Seal Stamp Set and Coloring Page is going to charity you MUST purchase this digital download for $3.75 to enter this giveaway. (keep in mind my/this give away is separate from the Blog Hop giveaway so the rules are a little different, just another opportunity to win more prizes)  You will get 5 entries for each purchase and then you can take advantage of all of the other ways to score extra entries ie. liking, tweeting, commenting etc. (see below)

There will be 3 prizes....

First prize - Original Watercolor Painting
Second prize - 8" x 10" Fine Art Reproduction of the painting
Third prize - 3 digital downloads of choice from my Etsy Shop

Don't forget about the Blog Hop Give Away.....
you must comment on this blog post and all of the other 8 participants to qualify as well as solve the secret phrase using the hidden letters in each of our posts, here is a list of the blogs in case you get lost....
YOU ARE HERE --> Lizzy Love

remember to go back to the Blog Hop on our challenge blog to leave a comment with your answer to the secret phrase for a chance to win those prizes!