Friday, October 28, 2016

New Arrivals........

Octobers new release stamps were in the shop on Monday, Im just a little late with the announcement ....sorry about that guys!

Just like last month I'm going to share a bit of inspiration with you each week rather then all in 1 big post so for today I have chosen 1 DT sample for each of the 8 new stamps in shop this month......


sample created by DT Sara

sample created by DT Lozzy

sample created by DT Naz

sample created by DT Tina

sample created by DT Troppostella

sample created by DT Andrea 

sample created by DT Ang

sample created by DT Jenn

I will see you soon with some more the meantime if you aren't already a member of the Oddball Art Stamps FB Group I would encourage you to join for an endless supply of inspiration from not only my fabulous DT ladies but from other Oddballs just like yourself!   As well we have a monthly challenge which is your opportunity to try and win some free stamps......and you don't want to miss out on the random freebies that I post every so often as well!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

These Trees are Dancing Just for YOU!

Hello Oddballs!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!  

This will be our last DT inspiration post from Septembers New Release Stamps....  Featuring the 4 new sets of Dancing Tree images!

Everyday I bring my fur baby Isabelle outside to do her biz and throw the stick around and I am always mesmerized by these evergreens across the road that literally look like they are dancing the way they have grown.    I have often thought how I should paint them one day but when my DT member asked me for some tree images I was immediately inspired to draw the dancing trees across the way............  

I did 4 variations of them, so they don't necessarily need to be for Christmas, they could be colored up in any combination of colors and used all year round.....

Set #1 IMG#336 
download here

sample created by DT Tina

Set # 2 IMG# 337
download here

sample created by DT Tina

Set # 3 IMG#338
download here

sample created by DT Jennifer

sample created by DT Tina

Set # 4 IMG#339
download here

sample created by DT Tina

I absolutely LOVE what my DT ladies did with these trees and can't wait to see what YOU do with them so be sure to share your makes in the Oddball Art Stamps FB Group and for an opportunity to win some free stamps be sure to drop you creation pics off in our monthly Challenge Album the theme is always "Anything Goes" and the winners get to choose the stamps they win!

As well for even more opportunity to win free stamps from the Oddball Shop you can visit our Challenge Blog  and enter our monthly "Themed Challenge" which just happens to be "Anything Goes" as well this month! You can check out the current "Anything Goes" Blog Challenge HERE.

Our October New Releases will be in the shop in just 2 days time on October 24th and like we did with September, instead of posting all of the DT samples in 1 huge post on release day, instead they will be trickled out a few at a time over the month so you can take it all in a bit easier......I would love to hear what YOU think?  Did you like the way we did September better then 1 big post on release day or do you prefer to see everything at once?   Let us know in the comments below....

 Thank you so much for stopping by,  I will catch you again on the 24th..............  
Til then.......have a crafty good time! 

Lizzy xo

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Our Hero Fights Bravely On Thru the Spooky Garden


Quick post today to share 2 more of the new released stamps from September.  

First we have our Military Hero Gal img#335.........

created by Oddball DT Tina

and staying in theme with this spooky time of year....... a creepy garden set img#340..... eyeball flowers, spooky vines, bones and stems, bats and skulls.......use all the pieces or some of the pieces to create your own creepy garden design...... png file features a transparent background making arrangement simple!

created by Oddball DT Suzi

I have one more post coming to share the remaining September samples.....our next release will be in the shop on October 24th.  

Challenge links.....

Facebook Challenge - anything goes | closes October 31
Blog Challenge - also anything goes this month | closes November 14th

Have an awesome Sunday fun day!   I am going back to painting...thank you so much for stopping by!

Lizzy xo

Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Thanksgiving FREEBIE & More Wonderful DT Inspiration


Congratulations to Heather McDougall the winner of yesterdays little impromptu challenge here on this blog....she solved the puzzle with the winning answer Happy Halloween!

I have a FREEBIE for everyone today in the Oddball Art Stamps FB Group
If you aren't yet a member you will have to join in order to see and download the will be available til Tuesday in the group for free then after that only on Etsy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now some long weekend inspiration to spark your creativity......

created by DT Jennifer

Today I have the remaining DT samples to share from Septembers New Release the spooky cute monster mash dance party........ 

Dancing In the Dark Img#331

created by DT Naz

This image set comes with everything you see below for a creepy cute monster celebration......  Now let me tell you how this party got started......

colored by DT Troppostella

You see.....this little cutie named Peach was just looking for something to wear,

 more specifically some pants or a skirt,  to match her new sweater and hair.....

what she needed was in her closet....she made her way across the room....
as she reached for the door knob ....she heard the loudest boom.....

created by DT Lozzy

she stopped dead and listened.... she put her ear up to the door....
the sounds she heard excited her......peeked her curiosity evermore.......


created by DT Naz

whats in Peaches closet.....

whatever should she do?

created by DT Granne

she yanked the door wide open......

inside was quite the bash

she saw a skeleton and 2 bats......

they were dancing to the 

Monster Mash!

Thanks for stopping by,
Lizzy xo

Saturday, October 8, 2016

DT Inspiration & Whats On My Easel Today.......

hiya oddballs!!!!!

just taking a break from wHat i'm working on today..... my book fairy painting (wip pic below)  to bring you some more new release inspirAtion from dt jennifer and naz using ready mom img#333 from sePtembers new release stamPs

and a sneak peek at wHats on my easel todAy....pLease keep in mind this painting is in its extremeLy early stages (aka. the ugly stage)  as i am still finishing the under painting will post again when i have more prOgress....

wip (work in progress)
acrylic on 24" x 36" gallery wrapped cotton canvas

its a long weekend here in canada for thanks giving so I am also trying to finish up a neW thanksgiving Stamp..........sorry it rEally snuck up on me this year! lol   anywho, whEn its done (hopefully today) I will be posting it in the oddball art stamps fb group as a freebie!  

in the meantime throwback to last thaNksgiving, remember mr. ted?

what kind of  "oddball" things are you working on or doing in your life right now?  you can let me know in the coments below....  

i love to hear from you guys........ 

thanks for stopping by

ps...... i wanted to have a bit of fun and try something i did something unique with this blog post......the first person to figure it out successfully and tell me in the comments below what it is will win 2 free stamps of their choice from the oddball art shop......good luck!

stay creative....

Lizzy xo

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

No Such Thing As Too Much Inspiration.....

Good morning Oddballs!!!!!!

I am back again with another inspirational post using Septembers New Releases, as I mentioned on the release day........ there are 12 new stamps in all and LOTS and LOTS of samples from my DT ladies...... perfect to bring you a little daily inspiration!

Today I would like to share the adorably creative samples created with 

created by Elaine

created by Jennifer

 Have you had a chance to check out and enter into our Circles Challenge this month over on the Oddball Stamps Blog?   Click HERE to enter your circles inspired creation!

So far which of the 12 new stamps is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below.....

I will see you tomorrow!
Lizzy xo

Monday, October 3, 2016

Some Inspiration from Mamma Mouse

Hi there Oddballs!

I have some more inspiration to share with you from Septembers new releases....

Last week you got just a taste of this stamp with Andreas stunning sample all done in pink..... today I am sharing all of the remaining gorgeous DT samples for Mamma Mouse

I love how creative everyone was, check out the stunning samples below.....

created by Naz

created by Penny

created by Tina

created by Tina

created by Vicky

Show off your creations using this image or any other Oddball image in the Oddball Art FB Group.... we just started a new Anything Goes challenge a few days ago so drop your makes in the album to win some free stamps!

I have to run.....have to go to the dentist now...yuck!