Thursday, February 2, 2012

29 Faces Challenge Day 1

Pheeewwww  I actually made it!!! Well, sort of, it is actually just about 5am so technically that means it is the 2nd, but I did start painting this on the first and have been going at it all night long! lol  I had one heck of a day today trying to take care of some important matters, Etsy orders, running to the post office and then my first face on top of it all, I am actually amazed that I was able to get it done!  I know her hair isn't done yet but the challenge is called 29 "FACES", faces being the keyword there! lol  This is actually a piece that I am working on for a different February challenge and so instead of sketching out a new face today, which would have taken even more time, I decided to just paint this one that was all ready to go. I hope that counts?  I cropped it out because the rest of the painting isn't finished yet and I don't want to show it til it is. So you will get to see the finished piece on my blog here sometime this month.  

Well folks, its late, I mean early and I am beat, so I am going to call it a night but I will check in and see how everyone else did today when I get up.  Good luck to everyone else participating in this challenge!!!   See you tomorrow with face #2!

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