Artists Checklist

10 Steps To Success

1. Stay positive / Be proactive.

2. Nobodies going to come to you

3. Promote your work and yourself - YOU are the business. i.e. website, facebook

4. Build a professional online portfolio. i.e. Fine Art AmericaBehance or Deviant Art

5. Learn how to photograph your work properly - i.e. go outside, turn off your flash - Check out my post on photographing art

6. Network with other artists and art lovers. i.e. Blogging

7. Create an Etsy shop to advertise/sell your art.

8. Learn basic business & marketing principles. i.e. business cards

9. Believe you can. Believe YOU are the best artist in the world!

10. Live, Eat, Breathe Art! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE & never stop PRACTICING!