I love to write poetry about the paintings I paint, a lot times the poems come to me as I am painting the pictures, other times they come later after I have finished them.  Either way I always document the poems on the backside of the original paintings if possible, sometimes its not and so I add them on the web somewhere but I figured it was time to gather them all up and put them in one spot for people to see them all.

Sentimentally Deranged Series

Bat Girl

They all think they know her so well
they dont know that 
behind her mask she secretly dwells
hiding all her pain and tears
its not a life 
to have to live in constant fear
but in her mask she feels strong
gives her the power
to feel like she can go on
that and the creatures of the night
they make her feel 
like she can win any fight
so forever in disguise she'll stay
forever being the Bat Girl
to this very day!
~ Lizzy Love

Sentimentally Deranged Series

Black Star

Darkness falls and shadows fade
your words pierce through me 
like the sharpest blade
the stars turn black as the light goes out
there is no more reason
to scream and shout
In my pain I call out for you
as the darkness surrounds me
I know that you feel it too
~ Lizzy Love

Sentimentally Deranged Series


She plays the princess with her pink hair
the perfect life, no reason to care
but they don't know the pain she hides
all the heart ache she feels deep inside
the hurt and tears they all get locked away
the keys been thrown out so forever buried they'll stay
she'll put on a smile just as she's been shown
forever the "perfect" princess, sad and alone
~ Lizzy Love

Black Beauty

She's sewn back together
completely up tight
emotions trapped inside her
deep and out of sight

She put a pad lock on 
and threw away the key
her feelings are all gone
can't you see

She's so full of fear
expectations are running high
such a poor little dear
so afraid she might die
~ Lizzy Love

Blue Zombie

She's so blue
better then green
still staying true
to the zombie queen

Big blue eyes
black n white stripes
still alive when she dies
but not that ripe

She's awfully pretty
for being undead
the baddest in the city
you heard what I said
~Lizzy Love

Bulls Eye

Looking for love
in all the wrong places
like the white dove
in all the wrong spaces

then comes loves arrow
shot through the heart
like the poor little sparrow
shot with the dart

it happened at dawn
the bulls eye was hit
white became the black swan
and they knew that this was it
~ Lizzy Love

Bunny Girl

She loves her bunny so much
she wanted to look just the same
and feel just as soft to touch
as the bunny that had no name

Sonny or Buddy wouldn't do
they just sounded too funny
so when they asked her who
she would just say her pet bunny
~ Lizzy Love


He stands and waits
he watches the clock
time ticks by tick tock tick tock
here it is a brand new year
he celebrates the loudest cheer!

Damsel In Gold

Eyes behold
can't you see
this damsel in gold
staring at me

I try to run
and try to hide
she has me stunned
like I've died

so captivated 
by her brown eyes
never jaded
its my demise
~ Lizzy Love

Day Dreams

All alone she sits
in the afternoon sun
day dreams fill her mind
of all that shes done

A life so fulfilled
every wish has come true
what more can she want
what more can she do

In her day dreams
she's the girl with it all
wishing it were reality
its a wish that's so tall
~ Lizzy Love

Let Them Eat Cake

Never a girl 
so pretty as she
hair in pink curls
& a bunny called Dee

So happy together
always best friends
no matter the weather
they'd play til the end

A sweet tooth she had
whipped, frosted & candy coated
it all made her glad
& sometimes even bloated

It happened one Sunday
in the morning she'd wake
they'd all hear her say
"Let them eat cake!"
~Lizzy Love

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet
didn't sit on a tuffet
nor did she have any curds n whey

What she did have instead
is her pet spider Ted
and they just sat and chilled by his web all day
~ Lizzy Love

My Pet Monster

My pet monster
best friend I ever had
through all the good times
and even all the bad
we walk the streets together
some people gawk and stare
when you moan "hi" to them
it gives them quite the scare
I don't mind when you drool
and your eyes rolls in your head
your still totally cool 
and always welcome in my bed
and when your limbs and tail
fall off and need repair
I can stitch them on again
I will always be right there
~ Lizzy Love

Perch To Land

The birds fly free
always a perch to land
the wind blows the tree
making it hard to stand

The heart starts to crack
so alone for so long
can they stop the attack
with their beautiful song

The skies so gray
making it hard to bare
such a gloomy day
lost in a distant stare
~ Lizzy Love

Raver Zombie

Shes the party girl
til the very end
lights and music 
just around the bend

She'll sweat and dance
the whole night away
taking a chance 
on a bump of K

The laser lights
amazing sounds
all these sights
lift her off the ground

Party all night
at the undead Rave
when morning comes
she'll dig her grave
~ Lizzy Love

Sing Me A Song

Nothing she enjoys more
then the music to her ears
always behind closed doors
all throughout the years

In the shower she sings
all alone is when she tries
never hitting the notes stings
so she just cries and cries

She hears the pretty bird sing
as she longs to carry a tune
hearing those notes ring
will it be her turn soon?
~ Lizzy Love

Sugar Spun Zombie

Spun with sugar all sweet & nice
charmed by her beauty but spooked by her spice
moans and groans so full of pain
fall for her & she'll only love you for your brain!
~ Lizzy Love

Tale Of A Dark Princess

Surrounded by darkness 
encompassed with fear
paralyzed with fright
for what might be near

Fantasies consume her
every forbidden thought
for her that's the appeal
she might just get caught

She's the dark princess
all dressed in pink
with the darkest of dreams
anyone could think
~ Lizzy Love

The Watcher

In the warm summertime heat
sits the beautiful owl isn't she sweet
perched  up in the tree she sees and hears all
just out of sight these old trees are quite tall
a splish and a splash she sees the kids all swimming
chirp chirpidy chirp she hears the birds all singing
she's the watcher and guardian of all I've heard
there's nobody else quite like that wise old bird!
~ Lizzy Love

Where'd I Go

He said not to worry
he said not to cry
he'd be back in a hurry
didn't even need to try

That magician just left
that magic trick of his
this is body theft
I know that it is

So I wait in this hat
so scared and alone
to have my body back
then I can go home
~ Lizzy Love

Zombie Ballet

Ever so gracefully 
she dances all around
across the floor
up and down
as she performs
the Zombie Ballet
ever so beautifully
on this special day!
~ Lizzy Love

Zombie Kittie

My Zombie Kittie is so cool
even though she moans and drools
she's always there if I feel sad
to cheer me up by being bad
we always have the very most fun
even when we get chased by guns
there's always room in my cozy bed
for my Zombie Kitty even if she's undead
~ Lizzy Love

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