Friday, April 22, 2011


I am hosting Round 3 of this BNR, we are at 16 Sales Total to start off today. There are some great items at some great prices, don't miss out on the fun, come join us!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Am The Hostess With The Mostest!

I am hosting a STAT Team BNR today and would love if everyone would come by and check it out!  There are so many fantastic finds in this collection, you wouldn't want to miss something you wouldn't be able to live without :)  This BNR is featured below, click to come by!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Juicy Tears of Blood & Pain

I wanted to take a minute to introduce everyone to my newest Oddball Art character Moe from my fairly new series 'Big Juicy Tears of Blood & Pain.'  I know it is a little late coming as the case with alot of my blog posts lately but unfortunately the reasoning behind it is out of my control, so just know that I am doing the best I can to try and keep up and catch up at this point.

Moe got his name from the overall concept of the series which is 'EMO.'  He is a cute little guy who has a very sad but cute look to him.  He is always crying, tears of blood that is but like I said he is cute, in an 'Oddball' sort of way.

This series is strictly an ACEO series for now but that doesn't mean that you will never see Moe on a full size painting, there just isn't anything in the works yet for that but it hasn't been completely ruled out either.  So far there is 4 ACEO's in this series,  they all depict Moe in some sad situations but he is always pushing on. Well, without further ado, I will stop talking and just show you what we are all here to see......  'Big Juicy Tears of Blood & Pain'........

Stay tuned for more adventures with Moe and his 'Big Juicy Tears of Blood & Pain'.....