Monday, February 28, 2011

March Give Away

Win This Painting!!!
3" x 3" x .5"
Acrylic & Glamour Dust on stretched canvas
Miniture wooden frame easel included and painted white & Glamour Dust

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This giveaway will close at Midnight est. on March 31 , 2011 and is open to participants of all ages all over the world.
(Family members are excluded from entering this giveaway :( So sorry.)

Catching Up

Let me start with, Im sorry for not getting on here sooner, I know its been a couple of long weeks since I blogged but, I have been incredibly busy creating, which is AWESOME! So, I have alot to pack into this post today.  First on the agenda I would like to thank Hippie Chic Jewelz & The Green Groovy  for the amazing features today, what a nice surprize to find in my inbox....... surprize #1 & surprize #2 Thank you so much ladies!!!!

My latest ACEO series 'Pretty in Punk' is now at 7, I was hoping 9 by the end of today but there has been way to much going on so I will share with you the 7 that I have done and I am pleased to announce that 2 of which have already been sold, YAY!

 'Splash' N0. 1
2.5" x 3.5" standard ACEO
Acrylic on Canvas Paper
 'Heart Bone' N0. 2
2.5" x 3.5" standard ACEO
Acrylic on Canvas Paper

'Broadway'  N0. 3
2.5" x 3.5" standard ACEO
Acrylic on Canvas Paper

'It's A Colorful Life'  N0. 4
2.5" x 3.5" standard ACEO
Acrylic on Canvas Paper

 'Broken Bones'  N0. 5
2.5" x 3.5" standard ACEO
Acrylic on Canvas Paper

'Star Struck' N0. 6
2.5" x 3.5" standard ACEO
Acrylic on Canvas Paper

'Wild Heart'  N0. 7
2.5" x 3.5" standard ACEO
Acrylic on Canvas Paper

I have also been working on a custom order for 2 handmade journals but am not yet ready to blog about just yet but you can get a sneak peak if you check out the top right corner of my blog for a slide show titled 'My Art', they are in there and you can also get a sneak peek at March's give away prize which I will be posting tonight sometime after I draw the winner at midnight for February's give away, Good Luck everyone whos entered and if you haven't entered you still have a few hours left!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's On Your Mind?

My newest creations, that I am totally loving are Art Journals!  I have made 2 now so far and working on the third right after this blog post. lol I knew right away that they were a success when after I had listed the first one, within an hour it had sold off of my Etsy Shop.  I was shocked as that has never happened with anything I have listed before, and on the other hand I was like, well it's about time! After all, I do create beautiful works of art, that I put a ton of work into.

Each journal is handpainted with Lixuitex Acrylics on a piece of canvas paper which I adhere to a cardboard cover, the entire book is bound together with a #10 embroidery thread and then sealed with a glossy acrylic varnish so these journals will definately stand the test of time.

For my first creation, I chose to do a very unique scene where the sky is pink and gray, the moon is zebra print and little skulls hang from the tree branches with pink and blue bows on their heads.  That was on the front and on the back a blue and black zebra print with tons of glitter and the word 'dream' near the bottom with a black and silver butterfly flying up from the word.  It really was a masterpiece I must admit!

As for the second Art Journal, and following along with my mission to paint this world zebra print one moon, tree or in this case shroom at a time!  This journal features a psychadelic background with 2 zebra print mushrooms standing tall and proud in the center.  On the back a black, white and gray swirly flower design with a ton of glitter, for all my hippie friends.

And to top it all off, I have recieved to custom orders for Art Journals now so I will be working on those as well as the third Art Journal for my shop is going to be a deluxe complete with sections and everything.  Look for these in a future post,  til then stay creative, unique and original cause you are OOAK!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Tuesday Team  Treasury Challenge Day for STAT.  Today was the first of what is set to be a weekly Team Challenge but open to all on our STAT Team Blog.  Every week everyone is free to participate in our theme based challenge, just follow the directions, enter you link and go back to the team blog to vote for your fav on Saturdays. Easy!  The winner will have an opportunity to have their shop reviewed and blogged about on the Team Blog as well as have their Treasury featured with it.  We will also be posting the winning shop in a craft cult widget to the side of the blog  and everyone entering into the following team challenge will be required to use 1 item each from the winning shop so for the following week after winning our Treasury Challenge the winning shop will  be recieving 1 week of major exposure! A great package deal!!!  This weeks theme was "Shallow" and below is my spin on it, I call it 'It's A Cruel World'..........

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Freaka Freaka ~ Ch Ch Ch Check it.........

When I first read this weeks Team Undiscovered Treasury Challenge theme 'Hop to it' I thought, well I can't do anything with a rabbit or a frog! Well, because that is Im sure what everyone will do so the only other thing that kept coming to mind was hip hop, why? Because, I have to listen to my hubby freestylin' all day long so how could I possibly think anything else. 

So I decided to put that inspiration to good use, and I really think I came up with a sort of masterpiece on this one.  Well, just have a look below and decide for yourself.....

(Dont forget that this is a challenge and if you like what you see and want to help me win, your going to need to start clickin, and commenting as its the only way Im going to get to the top)

Look Who's New In Town

Oddball Girls Cont'd ~ Meet Pandora

Last week I introduced you to the 'Oddball Girls' Belladonna and Cameo, today I would like to introduce you to Pandora....

"Is a gorgeous girl and she knows it. She can & will have any guy she wants with her charm, personality, classic looks and smile. Pandora is a princess in every aspect, loves to party when she can, and absolutely adores all things animal prints with a super soft spot for puppies. She has the good girl act down packed but is often up to her mischievous ways. Pandora has a love for all things vintage and antique with a strange attraction to large wooden clocks. She certainly is a rare combination with as much beauty on the inside as she does on the outside."

Which is what it will say on her Oddball Girls Bio Card ~
Pandora has been painted on an oval stretched canvas 5" x 7" and has been painted using Lixuitex Heavy Body Acrylics all the way around the sides as well so it can be hung with or without a frame.

Be on the look out for the 4th Oddball Girl, she should be coming around soon.

To be cont'd.....

Sunday, February 6, 2011


My newest treasury, compiled of bright and cheery items to help warm our thoughts on these cold & blizzardy winter days. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oddball Girls

I am finally ready to unveil the mysterious 'Oddball Girls'.  This is a project that I started developing a few months ago and am finally getting put together now.  I was going to wait and do this post once I had completed the first 5 but I can't wait any longer, I'm just sooooo excited about it.

I have 2 of the first 5 done and #3 is in process, I hope to have her completed by tonight, maybe.  I have to go to the city for another artist that I know who is having an exhibition as well as pick up all my art from my latest exhibition which ends today.  So I wont have as much time to work on her as I would like but I will see what I can do.

Ok, Oddball Girls, well they are cute little characters with BIG personalities.  They pride themselves on being different from the crowd and no two are ever alike, or else they just wouldn't be Oddballs now would they? lol.  I am creating each one on a 5" x 7" x .5" oval stretched canvas, each canvas has been painted with the same gray and white background giving them kind of a 'grunge' feel about them.  I want them to look kind of portrait style but I am painting their entire bodies not just faces, so when  you meet her you meet all of her!  This is also very important because, did I mention, that Oddball Girls LOVE to wear zebra print?  And each girl has a fav color that she likes to stick to.

I have developed a story line for each so when a customer orders themselves an Oddball Girl they get alot more then just a painting.  They will recieve a unique genuine Oddball Girls card complete with her unique name and personal bio.  These are all printed in true Oddball Art Co. fashion with the glowing butterfly and the zebra print border.

So without further ado let me introduce you to 2 lovely ladies, and I will start with #1 of the series, Belladonna and you can call her Bella for short, she is a kind hearted and loving girl that is generous to a fault, a great friend and listener. Bella will always be there when you need her. She’s a little cutie with great style and fashion sense but can still turn the heads of every guy in the room in just a t-shirt and jeans. Bella is known for her unorthodox ways and prides herself on being different from the crowd. You can usually find Bella hanging out at the local café sipping tea, while writing her poetry about love and despair. Most men that meet her end up loving her to death but poor ol’ Bella has been known to wear her heart on her sleeve and therefore usually gets hurt.

And next on the list and last for today but certainly not least, I would like to introduce you to Cameo who is a bright young lady, but can’t seem to stay away from the boys which is always leading to trouble. She’s a great friend to take to the mall but I wouldn’t leave her alone with your boyfriend, look out. Cameo is a sexy goddess but not a great long-time partner. On the flip side she’s a bit of a drama queen and is easily angered, you don’t want to piss her off or you’ll probably end up having the cell phone, laptop, microwave and toaster thrown at you. Cameo is a strong girl who always gets what she wants.

Now I know that its going to be hard to wait for me to get the next 3 posted, I am sure you are quivering with aniticipation,  but you will have to wait.   I can just about guarantee that you will be able to meet #3 by tomorrow, I won't reveal her name til I reveal her,  so for now she is #3.

If you are interested in purchasing an Oddball Girl please visit my Etsy Shop.

To be continued...............

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Treasury Time

This is my vision for spring, I am loving the color combo of yellow and purple and intend on using it alot this spring.  Here are some amazing items in the color combo from The Undiscovered Artists of Etsy and some other amazing artists as well.