Friday, May 16, 2014

May Digital Stamps Release

I want to start by giving a huge SHOUT OUT to Serena Bee for inspiring my new line of creepy cute fairies!  Serena suggested to me at the beginning of the week that I create some creepy fairies and as soon as she said the words ideas started floating around my mind,  I have really enjoyed creating the 5 that I have done so far and I cant wait to start on some more!
Creepy Cute Fairy IMG #62
Available for Instant Download HERE

Creepy Cute Fairy IMG #64
Available for Instant Download HERE

Creepy Cute Fairy IMG #65
Available for Instant Download HERE

Creepy Cute Fairy IMG #66
Available for Instant Download HERE

Creepy Cute Fairy IMG #67
Available for Instant Download HERE

I also created  a zombie cloud, mohawk punk girl and a whimsical owl for your creative pleasure this month!

Creepy Cute Zombie Cloud IMG #63
Available for Instant Download HERE

Big Eye Mohawk Punk Girl Stamp Set of 3 IMG #61 A, B & C
Available for Instant Download HERE

Whimsical Owl Stamp Set of 2 IMG # 58 A & B
Available for Instant Download HERE 

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you have any stamp ideas that you would like to see me create please do not hesitate to let me know, I love to hear about them!!

Don't forget to check out this month Girly Glam Challenge over on the Oddball Stamps Blog! Last months winners have been announced and we have a fun new challenge up for you to take part in this month, you have until June 14th 2014 @ 10pm EDT to get your entries in!  #ODDBALLARTCHALLENGE

Friday, May 9, 2014

Help Save Baby Seals!

This is a cause that couldn't be more dear to my heart!!! I have shed many tears and sat and pondered of what I could possibly do to help these poor innocent beings when it finally came to me...... 

I have created a brand new Digital Stamp Set of 4 totally cute seals and I will be donating 100% of the sales of this Digital Stamp Set only split between IFAW and PETA to go towards ending this barbaric Annual Seal Slaughter once and for all!!!!! 

For this reason I hope you can understand that coupon codes CAN NOT be accepted for this Stamp Set only so if you plan to purchase it along with other products and use a coupon code please check out with this stamp set separately from the rest of your order, the seals and I thank you sooooooo much for understanding!!!!!! 

CLICK HERE to purchase this Charitable Digital Stamp Set!

If you look over to your right hand side of this blog you will see at the top of the page a big green thermometer, this will keep track of total funds raised for the seals!

If you would like to read more and find out what you can do for the seals and this horrible atrocity you can visit (WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS AT THE PETA LINK) PETA and IFAW!

I would also like to share the letter I received from IFAW regarding the Annual Seal Slaughter here in Canada...

Dear Lizzy, 

The memory of "the waving seal" still haunts me.

The sun was brilliant that early spring day. We were documenting the hunt - filming from a helicopter - as a sealing vessel bore down on a group of seals.

The sealers began shooting the seals, and then beating them, and hooking them to drag them to their boat so they could skin them.

The seals were stacked in the boat in a bloody, lifeless pile. That's when I saw the waving seal.

At first I thought he was dead too. He lay on his back on the bottom of the boat, cut open by a knife from his throat to his belly, his eyes to the sky - like he was looking straight at us.

Then he waved his flipper. Just once at first, then over and over. It was as if he was saying to me "please help me, please help me."

I watched in anguish as the boat motored on ... and still the seal's flipper waved. The sealers kept shooting and clubbing seals and throwing them in the boat ... and still his flipper waved. Then finally, mercifully, the waving stopped.

The fight to end this cruel hunt needs YOU.

Tens of thousands of seals will be slaughtered in this year's hunt. That's a staggering number of animals.

In fact, the number is almost overwhelming to me. But then I think about the waving seal. And I remember that every seal, every single one, is a living and breathing being - capable of fear, of suffering in agonizing pain, and of caring so dearly for their young as they nurse them on the ice.

You've taken action for animals in need. Can you help us stop this cruel seal hunt?

I can tell you how it's an economic loser - over 30 years of government subsidies, resulting in the waste of tens of millions of taxpayers' dollars, has failed to create a viable sealing industry.

And I can tell you how it is impossible to make the seal hunt humane. Shooting seals from a moving boat, then hooking them in the face, while still alive and conscious - this is what we've documented and passed on as proof of the hunt's inherent cruelty.

And I can tell you how you have enabled us to make such progress in closing down markets for seal products. You've helped achieve bans in Russia and throughout the EU, and your support is now helping us engage in the ongoing legal challenge before the World Trade Organization to uphold that EU ban and keep this market closed for good.

But today I mainly wanted to tell you about the waving seal.

Waving to me in anguish. Waving in hopes of mercy. Waving for us to help.

Please help by making a donation today. We CAN win this fight to save innocent seals. But we need you.

Sheryl Fink Sheryl Fink signature
Sheryl Fink
Wildlife Campaigns Director, IFAW Canada
P.S.: Every single seal's life matters. Please don't let their deaths be in vain. By making a gift now, you can help us stop this slaughter once and for all and help us give care and comfort to animals around the world.