Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Etsian Artists Art Party

8" x 10"
Mixed Media Painting on Canvas Panel
signed, titled & dated on the back

 I created this piece for the Etsian Artists Art Party for February, the prompt was "The Moonlight."  

Etsian Artists is an awesome team on Etsy and the Art Party is something that we do monthly, each month there is a prompt and anyone who wants to participate creates something that they think represents the prompt in someway.  It is very interesting to see how everyone incorporates the prompt into what they create, especially since our team is made up of such a diverse bunch of Etsy Shops.  

If you are interested in joining in our Art Party's which are once a month,  the prompt goes out on the first and everyone has until the last day of the month to create and post their item.   You do not have to be a member of the team or even have an Etsy Shop in order to participate.  So if you would like to participate then join our mailing list HERE and you will receive the prompt delivered directly to your inbox every month.  Simply create your item inspired by the prompt and post it somewhere on the net, anywhere you like and then make your way to the Etsian Artists Blog to post the link to your item in the Art Party link up.  Its that easy! FYI You will receive all the links you need in the email with the prompt.  It`s a great way to stay inspired and creative as well as meet new people and get connected!

If you do have an Etsy Shop and want to be a member of the team then you can apply HERE.

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