Thursday, December 2, 2010

Art Attack Update

I just wanted to take a minute to update my readers on whats new and changing with Art Attack.  Well a side from it moving from my website to my blog site I have also made one small change starting tomorrow in that I will be posting art that has come to me instead of me going out and finding it.

I have been so busy between the exhibition, christmas products for my shop and blogging that I am virtually running out of time and steam.  Sooooo, I went ahead and posted an Ad on Behance looking for mindblowing, eyepopping, crazy art that I can feature on my blog and I have had a couple of artists send some links my way.

I went ahead and checked out what I was sent and it was very interesting and different.  I am very excited to show it to you all.  First up on the list for tomorrow, I am going to introduce you to a New York based artist named Pato Paez.  All of his work is great but he definatelly hooked me on the zebra print installations that he did for a music video.  I'm not going to say anymore here or I wont have anything to write about tomorrow.  You won't want to miss this featured artist.

So that is the type of thing you can expect to see more of ,  assuming that I get enough responses to my post to keep it going like that.   I am hoping so, as I really look forward to seeing all the new creative works that are out there.  With that being said, if you are reading this and you are an artist or know an artist that does work that would be interesting for Art Attack, please feel free to drop me a line.
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