Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Art Attack - Radium Audio

Normally on Art Attack I feature artists working in the visual arts. Normally? Wait a minute, what am I talking about? This is Art Attack and there is NOTHING normal about it! So lets just get on with it..... Todays featured artist or should I say artists is a music and sound design company by the name of Radium Audio. I actually had an opportunity to interview Dan from Radium Audio and I want to share that with you today as well as some very amazing videos they have created.

I had a chance to check out Radium Audio's website  and  it is packed full of amazing and very inspirational videos with great sound effects and music.  If you are in the business as well, I did notice a 'Sound Cloud drop box' which means YOU send THEM YOUR track! Why? Because they want to hear it and because they are always listening for new talent.

Radium Audio's client list is huge! They are definately no stranger to what I could see almost all of the leaders in many industries including but not limited to names such as.......

BabyHeavenlyMaverickSony EricssonRolexFerrariMercedesBentley

FoxUniversalMTVBBCWarner BrothersDiscovery ChannelMan vs MachineTaylor James

 My Interview with  Dan @ Radium Audio Ltd

~Tell me a little bit about your company, Radium Audio~

Radium is a leading music and sound design company based in London. We work with agencies, cg & animation houses, digital agencies, game developers, brands and manufacturers.  Our clients are usually the leaders in their own fields, working with the worlds most successful brands, creating content, advertisement and brand communication.

We supply award winning audio for many of our national, multi-national & internationally based creative companies from UK, USA and Europe.
Radium staff consist of creative directors, composers - sound designers, admin and project managers. Our collaborative process means we can create bespoke audio for all project requirements with our consistent output and creative excellence in sound & music.

~What or who inspires you?~

Anyone who pushes boundaries within their chosen passion!

~What is your all time favourite project from your portfolio?~

 If this is to help you decide on the project to blog about, then the NCIS project would be the one to go for.  We've had a bit of a chat about it and it was really hard to settle on a project for a 'favourite'.  We thought that the NCIS project was a great collaborative effort from the team, and the "making of" video incorporated in the project is a good demonstration of the team at work and the behind the scenes process.

~What 5 words would you use to describe your company?~

Progressive, Bold, Passionate, Innovative, Unorthodox

I have 4 videos by Radium Audio to show you today.  The first one is a teaser trailer for the new NCIS feauturing LL Cool J.  I absolutely love this as I am one of the biggest NCIS fans.  Then there is the making of video, 'Gun Recording Film'.  I also wanted to share with you a video from their portfolio that I just fell in love with when I saw it and heard it, Radium Audio worked with We Are Seventeen and they put together 'Strange Arrangements.'  The last one is titled 'Nike Chase' and is very cool as well.  As I mentioned earlier they have alot more where these came from on their Website so make sure you check it out when you have a chance, you will not be disappointed.

Radium Audio - Nike Chase Video

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