Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 Cards of Christmas - Cards #8 & #9

Sorry to leave you hanging yesterday if you were waiting for card #8 but things are really getting hectic with Christmas and all but I do have 2 cards for you today so I hope that makes up for it.  Card #8 is titled 'Love Never Melts' and features a windy winter day scene with a snowman losing his top hat in the wind. The title is derived from the writing on the inside that reads the same as the card title and on the back is the usual 'handmade' stamp and my logo.  Card #9 is a bit fancier and less cute then the rest have been and features 2 red christmas ornaments hanging with gold patterns on the bulbs and gold stars all around.  The inside of this card has been left blank and the back is the usual.  Both cards have been created using archival quality card stock and the finest quality in Lixuitex acrylic paints so these little mini works of art can be kept for a lifetime, or two!  Have a looksy below and if you are interested in purchasing then click HERE!

I am going to do my best to have card #10 ready for tomorrow, however if it comes down to either having the card ready for tomorrow or getting my parents christmas gift finished in time then.... well, I think thats obvious..... so if thats the case I will catch up like I did today.
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