Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Cards of Christmas - Card #7

Just past the halfway mark and then I figure out how to simplify things and make my life easier, isn't that always the way?  Since all of my cards are hand painted the most difficult part of the whole thing has been trying to keep the paint off of the rest of the card while I am painting it.  And then if a little gets on it I have to figure out how to incorporate it in to the design of the card, and it just makes things complicated and take way longer then necassary.  What I figured out was this.... Since these are 1/4 fold cards I can cut 1 card up into 4 pieces and use each of those quarters to do a painting on, then I can attach the painting to the card.  This way is so much neater and easier, it just means I have to use 1 extra card out of the pack for every 4 cards, but it is definately worth it and I am just mad at myself for not coming up with it sooner!  Anyhoo, back to card #7, an adorable winter wonderland scene on the front, on the inside the card reads 'Mittens, mittens everywhere.... but never can we find a pair' and on the back my usual 'Handmade' stamp and my logo.  Of course the materials are the same as the rest and that is Lixuitex acrylic paint on archival quality greeting card stock.

(also if you have not had to opportunity to see the revised card #6 you should as it now looks the way it was designed to look and it is beautiful!)

Come back tomorrow to see card #8..... almost there :)
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