Friday, December 24, 2010

12 Cards of Christmas Card #10

Well here we are Christmas Eve!  I actually have cards #10, #11 & #12 done but because I was running out of time I had to figure out a way to get 2 birds stoned and that way was using cards #11 and #12 as my Mom and Dads card and my husbands card for Christmas this year.  Soooo I can not post them until after Christmas or I might spoil it for them if they happen to drop by my blog between now and Christmas day.  I really do have all of them done now and it feels good to have that done and over with, now on to those Valentines Day cards.  As for card #10 I decided to do an old favourite, "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" and thats all it is, that cute little old tree with a single red Christmas ornament and the little blue blanket to keep it warm.  On the inside it reads 'Snow Day' written out of Scrabble cubes, and on the back my 'handmade' stamp and my logo sticker.  This card was created using archival card stock and fine quality Lixuitex acrylic paints so this miniture art work can be kept or given as a collectable.  If I have time on Christmas Day I will post the last 2 cards and if I don't get time then for sure on Boxing Day.

This card and more like it can be purchased through my Etsy Shop.
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