Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Sound Of Silence

I finished another fabric ACEO last night titled The Sound of Silence and featuring yet another big eye zombie girl, this one is under water blowing bubbles! lol

You can find out more about it from the Etsy Listing.

I also received a custom order on Tuesday to create one of my hand painted journals with my big eye art on the front and a high heel on the back.  This is how it turned out...

I am always available to create a custom hand painted journal anytime of anything you can dream up or want me to dream up for that matter lol  Turn around time is apprx 2 days and this makes a lovely gift.  I can do just the front for $35 or both front and back for $50.   If I paint only the front the back is still done to match the front it just wouldn't be hand painted with a picture.  For example, had the one above been ordered to be painted only on the front then the back would have been just the solid leopard print with out the painting in the middle.  There is a listing in my shop for the custom order if you are ever interested in placing one.

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