Saturday, October 22, 2016

These Trees are Dancing Just for YOU!

Hello Oddballs!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!  

This will be our last DT inspiration post from Septembers New Release Stamps....  Featuring the 4 new sets of Dancing Tree images!

Everyday I bring my fur baby Isabelle outside to do her biz and throw the stick around and I am always mesmerized by these evergreens across the road that literally look like they are dancing the way they have grown.    I have often thought how I should paint them one day but when my DT member asked me for some tree images I was immediately inspired to draw the dancing trees across the way............  

I did 4 variations of them, so they don't necessarily need to be for Christmas, they could be colored up in any combination of colors and used all year round.....

Set #1 IMG#336 
download here

sample created by DT Tina

Set # 2 IMG# 337
download here

sample created by DT Tina

Set # 3 IMG#338
download here

sample created by DT Jennifer

sample created by DT Tina

Set # 4 IMG#339
download here

sample created by DT Tina

I absolutely LOVE what my DT ladies did with these trees and can't wait to see what YOU do with them so be sure to share your makes in the Oddball Art Stamps FB Group and for an opportunity to win some free stamps be sure to drop you creation pics off in our monthly Challenge Album the theme is always "Anything Goes" and the winners get to choose the stamps they win!

As well for even more opportunity to win free stamps from the Oddball Shop you can visit our Challenge Blog  and enter our monthly "Themed Challenge" which just happens to be "Anything Goes" as well this month! You can check out the current "Anything Goes" Blog Challenge HERE.

Our October New Releases will be in the shop in just 2 days time on October 24th and like we did with September, instead of posting all of the DT samples in 1 huge post on release day, instead they will be trickled out a few at a time over the month so you can take it all in a bit easier......I would love to hear what YOU think?  Did you like the way we did September better then 1 big post on release day or do you prefer to see everything at once?   Let us know in the comments below....

 Thank you so much for stopping by,  I will catch you again on the 24th..............  
Til then.......have a crafty good time! 

Lizzy xo

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