Friday, October 28, 2016

New Arrivals........

Octobers new release stamps were in the shop on Monday, Im just a little late with the announcement ....sorry about that guys!

Just like last month I'm going to share a bit of inspiration with you each week rather then all in 1 big post so for today I have chosen 1 DT sample for each of the 8 new stamps in shop this month......


sample created by DT Sara

sample created by DT Lozzy

sample created by DT Naz

sample created by DT Tina

sample created by DT Troppostella

sample created by DT Andrea 

sample created by DT Ang

sample created by DT Jenn

I will see you soon with some more the meantime if you aren't already a member of the Oddball Art Stamps FB Group I would encourage you to join for an endless supply of inspiration from not only my fabulous DT ladies but from other Oddballs just like yourself!   As well we have a monthly challenge which is your opportunity to try and win some free stamps......and you don't want to miss out on the random freebies that I post every so often as well!

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