Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 7 ~ 29 Faces Challenge

Well I started out painting todays face on a piece of broad cloth with fabric paints with the intention of using the painting to make another cell phone case however I ended up spending way more time on it then originally anticipated so I in no way shape or form want to sell this for $22.99 especially after putting in the added hours of making the cell phone case so I am just going to make prints of it and put the original for sale in my Etsy Shop.  The good thing for whom ever buys it is that it is done on fabric with fabric paints so they could potentially use it as functional art if they wanted to, sew it to a shirt, bag, or whatever they want to sew it to really.  

Tale Of A Dark Princess
5" x 4"
fabric paint on broad cloth

Surrounded by darkness 
encompassed with fear
paralyzed with fright
for what might be near

Fantasies consume her
every forbidden thought
for her that's the appeal
she might just get caught

She's the dark princess
all dressed in pink
with the darkest of dreams
anyone could think
~ Lizzy Love

The original and prints will both be available in my Etsy Shop tomorrow.

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