Saturday, February 2, 2013

29 Faces ~ Day 2

As I did yesterday with my first face I decided to do another painting on fabric to make another wallet however when I finished painting it and cut it out I realized that it ended up being a tad to tall to fit on the wallet that I have designed so I guess my options are either redesign a new wallet that it will fit on or I was thinking it would be the perfect size to design a cell phone case to sew it onto.   I think I am leaning towards the latter but I would love to hear your thoughts....

Here is my painting done with Pebeo fabric paints on a piece of linen fabric

Whatever I do decide to make out of it I will add the pics of the finished piece to this post tomorrow as I did with yesterdays.  Thank you for looking!

Here are the photos of the cell phone case I decided to make out of this yesterday, I am very conflicted over whether or not to keep the case for myself or put it in my etsy shop for sale?  what to do what to do.... lol

The photo of my painting looks much better and more true to life then the scan of it that I posted above yesterday btw.
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