Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 16 ~ 29 Faces Challenge

Day Dreams
6" x 5"
fabric paint and fabric markers on broad cloth

All alone she sits
in the afternoon sun
day dreams fill her mind
of all that shes done

A life so fulfilled
every wish has come true
what more can she want
what more can she do

In her day dreams
she's the girl with it all
wishing it were reality
its a wish that's so tall
~ Lizzy Love


Amanda Q. said...

She is awesome Lizzy! I always love reading the poems you have to go with each of them. :)

Lizzy Love said...

Thank you Amanda!!!! ♥ I am planning to do a printed book full of my artwork and the poems to go with each one eventually.

denthe said...

Lovely work! It's a great idea to make a book out of it! go for it!

Amanda Q. said...

Oooo I like the idea of a book. :) said...

Such soulful eyes. Beautiful work

Lizzy Love said...

Thank you thank you!!!! :)