Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sentimentally Deranged

I just finished a new series titled Sentimentally Deranged consisting of 3 paintings.  All 3 are done on a 4" x 4" x 1.5" wood artists block with acrylics.  I also wrote poems for each one that tie the entire series together, I think, quite well.  Each of them are now available in my Etsy Shop for the very reasonable price of only $30 each for these original pieces.  So in order from 1 - 3 here they are...

Darkness falls and shadows fade
your words pierce through me 
like the sharpest blade
the stars turn black as the light goes out
there is no more reason
to scream and shout
In my pain I call out for you
as the darkness surrounds me
I know that you feel it too


They all think they know her so well
they dont know that 
behind her mask she secretly dwells
hiding all her pain and tears
its not a life 
to have to live in constant fear
but in her mask she feels strong
gives her the power
to feel like she can go on
that and the creatures of the night
they make her feel 
like she can win any fight
so forever in disguise she'll stay
forever being the Bat Girl
to this very day!

She plays the princess with her pink hair
the perfect life, no reason to care
but they don't know the pain she hides
all the heart ache she feels deep inside
the hurt and tears they all get locked away
the keys been thrown out so forever buried they'll stay
she'll put on a smile just as she's been shown
forever the "perfect" princess, sad and alone

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