Friday, June 28, 2013

Art, Art, Art & More Art!

Phew.... it feels good to be able to just stop and breathe for a few seconds after this past month that I have had!  As anyone that follows my FB page probably already knows I had a very successful show at Art In The Park beginning of June and sold out of almost all my stock!  This is a good thing, I am certainly not complaining about it lol  however it left me in quite the predicament for my next show which was only barely 4 weeks later and I had to somehow replace all that stock that I had sold!  

I have to start by saying a serious THANK YOU to my mother whom without her help this month I would have never been able to accomplish what I was able to accomplish!  I will be forever grateful!!!!!  My mom had a week long vacation from her full time job last week and spent her entire vaca in my studio helping me by doing all of the non creative stuff for me so that all I had to worry about was making art for this next show.  She packaged prints, cut tags, distressed edges, cut stickers out, packaged stickers and much much more and I am dead serious when I say if it wasn't for her help I would be seriously F'd right now!!!! 

My show is tomorrow and Sunday and I have to be there at 7am tomorrow morning to start setting up.  For those in this area I will be at Arts @ the Marina this weekend in Leamington and my site number is #3 I would love for you to come out and see me!

So if my mom spending her entire week long vaca in my studio helping me wasn't enough, she also spent her only day off this week (today) in my studio helping me some more.  We worked until shortly after 6pm today, which was the absolute latest I could go and still have almost adequate daylight to take photos of everything from the week and now that that is done all I have to do is relax and make some stress free art til I go to bed! phew, it feels good!

With all that being said, I would like to share with you a bunch of artwork that I have been working on for the show and finally just got photographed today.  I have to say though that I may have pushed it a wee bit too late and alot of the photos are a little bit crappy so I do apologize in advance for that.  I will shut my trap now and show you the art!!!! lol

I finished another mini canvas original painting so I will have 5 brand new ones for my show this weekend!

Butterfly Circus
Mixed Media Original 
4" x 4" x 1.5"

The mini oddball keyfobs were a huge hit at the Art In The Park so I made as many as I could and still have a few left that are made but I didnt have time to paint their faces so I will have to finish them after the show as well as probably make more so in the meantime heres a few....

They all share the same poem on their tags, the only part that changes is the name at the beginning of the poem, it goes like this...

(fill in name here) the Zombie is always hanging around
she may be just a pretty face but she'll never let you down
she'll look after your stuff, keys, coat, purse locker
just as long as you promise to always love her!

Beatriz the Zombie

Bernadette the Zombie

Boo Blu the Zombie

Candie the Zombie

Coral the Zombie

Hadley the Zombie

Lilou the Zombie

Luna the Zombie

Maeve the Zombie

Nora the Zombie

Puff the Zombie

A new doll that I just designed brand new this month are my Boo Boo Bunnies, they are furry,colorful, little bunny zombies and so far there is 6 of them that are finished, I still have 9 more waiting to have their faces painted so I will share the rest soon.  I also wrote a little poem that they all share on their tags as well, it goes like this....

Boo Boo Bunnies are so soft and cuddley
totally cute and all over fuzzy
you'd never guess that their little zombies
totally cool even though their dripping drool
the Boo Boo Bunnies are living dead and
all they want is a spot in your bed!

I sold out of all my Moe key fobs at Art in the Park and so I made 10 more of them and also came up with a little poem to hang on their tags as well which is brand new, you read it here first! lol

Big Juicy Tears 
of Blood & Pain
poor Moe so alone 
he's going insane
nothing this Zombie 
wants more then a friend
give him a chance 
he'll be your bestie til the end!

And as if this post wasn't long enough already! lol I also sold out of all but 2 of my Oodlebits so I had to replenish those as well,  so here are the new Oodlebits....

If you made it all the way down here, thank you so much, you must be a true fan! I think this is the longest blog post I have ever done! lol  Would love to hear your thoughts below... thanks so much for looking!

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