Friday, June 14, 2013

The Watcher

I have an ACEO to share with you today! I just finished it last night, the theme for this ACEO was to be summertime so to tie it into the theme a bit better I wrote a poem on the back of it which I will share with you as well.  I should also mention the reason for this ACEO was an ACEO Swap that I signed up for about a month ago and secretly forgot about it til they started posting pics a couple of days ago of the finished ones!!!  Woops!!!!  At least I didnt miss the deadline which is tomorrow for mailing lol I mailed mine out today!!! yay!  You can see all the ACEO's from the swap once they are all posted HERE.  Anywho, I will post a pic of the ACEO I receive from the swap when I receive it but for now this is the one that I sent to my swap partner today...

The Watcher
2.5" 3.5" ACEO
Mixed Media Painting

and written on the back....

In the warm summertime heat
sits the beautiful owl
isn't she sweet
perched up in the tree 
she sees and hears all
just out of sight 
these old trees are quite tall
a splish and a splash 
she sees the kids all swimming
chirp chirpidy chirp 
she hears the birds all singing
she's the watcher and guardian of all I've heard
theirs nobody else quite like that wise old bird!
~ Lizzy Love

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