Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Art Party

This months Etsian Artists Art Party theme was "Cyberpunk" and I have to say I had A LOT of fun with this theme!!!!  I am so pleased with how this art doll came together and am thinking she is probably one of my most favorite ones yet!  Let me tell you a little about her...

"Pussycat" Jones Version 1.0 comes from the not so distant future underground side of electronic society where multinational corporations have taken over all forms of government. "Pussycat" excels as a buttonhead (addicted to stimulating the pleasure centers through interface sockets) and has been often thrown into situations where she has little to no choice through manipulation and though she always sees things through she has never been able to come out ahead. Still she holds her head up high and proud of being the misfit that she is!

Oddling "Pussycat" Jones Version 1.0 measures 38" from the top of her head to the tip of her toe. While sitting she measures 20" tall to the top of her head. She has fun fur uggs for boots though hard to see in the pics cause they are white. Her ears are pierce 3 times in one and twice in the other and she wears all silver jumprings for earrings. Her cyberpunk googles have been hand stitched by me and can be worn on her head like in the pic or worn over her eyes or taken off completely.

If you are interested in purchasing miss "Pussycat" Jones Version 1.0 keep in mind that my 50% OFF all Art Dolls in my Etsy Shop is still on for another day, til the end of May!!!!  You can find her HERE
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