Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Going 2 A Tea Party

Big Juicy Tears of Blood & Pain No. 6 
titled Going 2 A Tea Party
Acrylics on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
original still available as well as prints in 2 sizes

Plus I have a big announcement to make in regards to this series!  I have made a decision in regards to the mysterious and missing number 4 of this series.  As some may already know because there are bunch of you who have been asking me for No.4 to add to your collections and I can not produce any prints of it and the original is long gone so I have not been able to meet your requests, that is, up until now.  Well, I should say soon rather then now but basically I have come to the decision to repaint no. 4 as it was an ACEO only 3.5"x2.5" and so it won't take me very long at all and this time I will be able to get prints made of it before it sells, something I was not able to do the first time around.  The funny thing is that the only reason that happened is because I was doing a local market and passing the time by painting at my booth.  I was just finishing up the No. 4 ACEO when a lady who had been watching me paint it for the past few minutes asked me if it was going to be for sale.  I told her of course and so she wanted to buy it right there and then, it wasn't even dry yet! lol  I sent her for a walk around the market to let it dry a bit and was able to get a really crappy photo of it on an Iphone right before she left.  I am embarrassed to post the photo up here that is how bad it is lol but it is already posted on my Facebook Fan Page in the Big Juicy Tears of Blood & Pain album if you really wish to see it.  Otherwise if you have a little bit of patience I will be producing No. 4.1 lol very soon and posting the original and prints up for sale in my shop!  So those of you who have been collecting the whole series will be able to fill in the No. 4 gap with No. 4.1.  I hope you all like that idea as much as I do! 
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