Thursday, October 27, 2011

Change Is Great!

If you follow my work then you may have already seen the launch of my new line of Art Dolls/Soft Sculptures  into my Etsy Shop yesterday.  This is a brand new venture for me and only the beginning of many many changes to come to Oddball Art Co..

I have been listening to my customers and fans and have done a lot of serious thinking based on both requests from my fans and a need to grow as an artist.  The decisions that I have made are ones that I believe are only going to better Oddball Art Co. as a whole and help me to offer my fans more of what they want.  Over the next few months Oddball Art Co. will be going through a total reconstruction.  I wanted to share with you some of the decisions that I have made and changes that you are going to see.

All though it has always been my belief to keep my art completely original and one of a kind pieces, it just isn't practical in this diminishing economy that we are living in.  I understand that I have many fans out there that would love to own a piece or more of my art but just aren't in a position to buy an original piece of art from anyone.  I don't want to deprive these fans from getting to enjoy my art work.  I make art not only because I enjoy it but because I hope that someone else will be able to enjoy it for many many years to come.

With all of that being said it is now time to take the leap and start offering prints of my work.  I can sell prints at an more affordable cost and open the door for more people to enjoy the art work.  The prints that I will be offering will be limited edition numbered prints only and they will be printed at a reputable printers of fine art.  I will personally number, title, date and sign each and every one.  

I am in the process of getting set up to offer these prints in my Etsy Shop and hope that I will be able to bring this new and exciting change into effect very soon!

So prints and Art Dolls are only the first 2 changes and yes, there is still more! lol  If you have read my profile or know me personally then you may already know that well I taught myself how to paint, I did still attend College at Fanshawe in London ON for Fashion Design.  I must admit that the skills learned there have gone to waste over the past few years, but that is changing!

After racking my brain of how I can combine my painting skills with my sewing, pattern making and draping skills, I have come up with a fabulous line of hand painted fashion accessories and hand painted clothing.  Oddball Art Co. will be launching a new line of hand made and hand painted bags, purses, scarves, vests, skirts and much much more.  

Since Oddball Art Co. is only a one woman force, all of this change is going to take some time.  While I work on all of this new product I will still be creating new canvas paintings as well.  Certainly none of this is going to happen over night but it is in the works and I intend on adding to my Etsy Shop gradually and blogging about it every step of the way.

I would love to hear any comments, ideas, concerns or questions regarding any of the above and I will leave you with some photos of the new line of Art Dolls/Soft Sculptures I call Oddlings below...

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