Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's On Your Mind?

My newest creations, that I am totally loving are Art Journals!  I have made 2 now so far and working on the third right after this blog post. lol I knew right away that they were a success when after I had listed the first one, within an hour it had sold off of my Etsy Shop.  I was shocked as that has never happened with anything I have listed before, and on the other hand I was like, well it's about time! After all, I do create beautiful works of art, that I put a ton of work into.

Each journal is handpainted with Lixuitex Acrylics on a piece of canvas paper which I adhere to a cardboard cover, the entire book is bound together with a #10 embroidery thread and then sealed with a glossy acrylic varnish so these journals will definately stand the test of time.

For my first creation, I chose to do a very unique scene where the sky is pink and gray, the moon is zebra print and little skulls hang from the tree branches with pink and blue bows on their heads.  That was on the front and on the back a blue and black zebra print with tons of glitter and the word 'dream' near the bottom with a black and silver butterfly flying up from the word.  It really was a masterpiece I must admit!

As for the second Art Journal, and following along with my mission to paint this world zebra print one moon, tree or in this case shroom at a time!  This journal features a psychadelic background with 2 zebra print mushrooms standing tall and proud in the center.  On the back a black, white and gray swirly flower design with a ton of glitter, for all my hippie friends.

And to top it all off, I have recieved to custom orders for Art Journals now so I will be working on those as well as the third Art Journal for my shop is going to be a deluxe complete with sections and everything.  Look for these in a future post,  til then stay creative, unique and original cause you are OOAK!!!

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