Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oddball Girls

I am finally ready to unveil the mysterious 'Oddball Girls'.  This is a project that I started developing a few months ago and am finally getting put together now.  I was going to wait and do this post once I had completed the first 5 but I can't wait any longer, I'm just sooooo excited about it.

I have 2 of the first 5 done and #3 is in process, I hope to have her completed by tonight, maybe.  I have to go to the city for another artist that I know who is having an exhibition as well as pick up all my art from my latest exhibition which ends today.  So I wont have as much time to work on her as I would like but I will see what I can do.

Ok, Oddball Girls, well they are cute little characters with BIG personalities.  They pride themselves on being different from the crowd and no two are ever alike, or else they just wouldn't be Oddballs now would they? lol.  I am creating each one on a 5" x 7" x .5" oval stretched canvas, each canvas has been painted with the same gray and white background giving them kind of a 'grunge' feel about them.  I want them to look kind of portrait style but I am painting their entire bodies not just faces, so when  you meet her you meet all of her!  This is also very important because, did I mention, that Oddball Girls LOVE to wear zebra print?  And each girl has a fav color that she likes to stick to.

I have developed a story line for each so when a customer orders themselves an Oddball Girl they get alot more then just a painting.  They will recieve a unique genuine Oddball Girls card complete with her unique name and personal bio.  These are all printed in true Oddball Art Co. fashion with the glowing butterfly and the zebra print border.

So without further ado let me introduce you to 2 lovely ladies, and I will start with #1 of the series, Belladonna and you can call her Bella for short, she is a kind hearted and loving girl that is generous to a fault, a great friend and listener. Bella will always be there when you need her. She’s a little cutie with great style and fashion sense but can still turn the heads of every guy in the room in just a t-shirt and jeans. Bella is known for her unorthodox ways and prides herself on being different from the crowd. You can usually find Bella hanging out at the local cafĂ© sipping tea, while writing her poetry about love and despair. Most men that meet her end up loving her to death but poor ol’ Bella has been known to wear her heart on her sleeve and therefore usually gets hurt.

And next on the list and last for today but certainly not least, I would like to introduce you to Cameo who is a bright young lady, but can’t seem to stay away from the boys which is always leading to trouble. She’s a great friend to take to the mall but I wouldn’t leave her alone with your boyfriend, look out. Cameo is a sexy goddess but not a great long-time partner. On the flip side she’s a bit of a drama queen and is easily angered, you don’t want to piss her off or you’ll probably end up having the cell phone, laptop, microwave and toaster thrown at you. Cameo is a strong girl who always gets what she wants.

Now I know that its going to be hard to wait for me to get the next 3 posted, I am sure you are quivering with aniticipation,  but you will have to wait.   I can just about guarantee that you will be able to meet #3 by tomorrow, I won't reveal her name til I reveal her,  so for now she is #3.

If you are interested in purchasing an Oddball Girl please visit my Etsy Shop.

To be continued...............

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