Friday, March 4, 2016

Painting A Creepy Cute Fairy In Watercolors

I created this watercolor painting I titled Stardust using Twinkling H2o watercolors. (my favorite type!) 

I LOVE the Luminous Faces  set which is what I used to achieve this look of the girls face.  I don't remember exactly which ones I used in this video for skin color but they definitely came from that set.  The colors I find myself coming back to the most for skin tones are Amber Bronze, Golden Sand, Pink Cloud & Cinnamon Stick which are all part of this Luminous Faces set.  Check out my unboxing video of it HERE.   

The colors used everywhere else in this painting including her hair were

Rich Cobalt (also part of the Spiced Sorbet Set)
Wild Plum (is part of the Spiced Sorbet Set)
Natural Linen (this color is part of the Luminous Faces set and its also part of the Native Blush Twenty Four Piece Mini Kit which is basically the  Luminous Faces with the addition of 12 more fun colours)
China Black (is part of the Spiced Sorbet Set)

If you've never used Twinkling H2O's before, I just have to say these little gems are such luscious, yummy colors in convenient little pots, you just spritz with water, wait a few mins and start painting, the paint never goes bad or moldy or anything, the cakes just dry and harden back up til you go to use them again!   You can use a brush, sponge or stamp to apply the paint which is so versatile, you control the consistency with how much water you add.   Then there's my favorite part, they are completely cruelty-free, everything from their company Colourarte is cruelty-free! My kind of business! <3  (I say that out of my pure joy for their products, they are not giving me anything to say that, I have in fact bought all of my paints from them.)

The only other supplies used in this painting were...
uni-ball Signo Gel 207 Black Ink,

And if you enjoy this image you may like IMG#160 Starlynn Queen of the Sugar Web Fairies, it is very much similar to the image in the video.

I have lots of footage now so I just need to get thru it all and hopefully can get some more of these out real soon!  Thanks so much for checking out my process.
Lizzy xo

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