Thursday, April 9, 2015

We Are Just Days Away

From the Annual Canadian Seal Slaughter

My Design Team has been busy creating so many beautiful card samples with my "Save the Seals" Digital Stamp Set I just couldn't wait to show them off!

and remember....

100% of the funds from the sale of this Stamp Set goes directly to IFAW as we work together to try and end this horrific waste of life!

"According to IFAW, the seal hunt – cited as an important economic driver by the Tory government – costs taxpayers approximately $7 million per year, adding that 35 countries have banned the import of non-Aboriginal seal products, and that the seasonal, part-time practice creates a massive amount of waste."

Samples created by Oddball DT Member Granne

Sample created by Oddball DT Member Naz

“Canada’s commercial seal hunt is a horrific waste that has no place in modern society,” says IFAW’s Sheryl Fink in the news release. “When seals from the commercial seal hunt are killed, they are not eaten and the whole animal is not used. Over 90 per cent of seals killed are for fur – they are skinned and their bodies are thrown back in to the ocean or left to rot on the ice.”

Sample created by Oddball DT Member Bettina

 Sample created by Oddball DT Member Elaine

Sample created by Oddball DT Member Elena
“The commercial seal hunt has been declining since 2006, and data from the 2014 hunt indicate that it is at one of the lowest points in history,” Fink says. “People do not want seal products, and there are 35 countries around the world that now ban them. The commercial seal hunt is unnecessary, and it’s time to transition sealers out of it.”

Sample created by Oddball DT Member Andrea

Sample created by Oddball DT Member Naz

By simply purchasing this Seal Digital Stamp Set YOU can make a  big difference!  Every single dollar from the sale of this set goes directly to IFAW!  So why not Save a Seal & Make some Art, you can't go wrong!  The set now comes with a full page of sentiments to go with the 4 different seals for the same low price of only $3.75usd!!!!
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I will be back soon to share more seal inspiration!  Don't forget that our monthly Themed Blog Challenge going on til the 14th of April has the theme "For A Cause" so how perfect would a card made with these stamps be!!!! 


~Lizzy xo

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