Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brand New Art Dolls on the Scene!

I know I haven't been around much lately but that is because aside from my big Exhibition that just passed (where I just about sold out on all my art dolls!)  I have been a busy bee in my art studio trying to get caught up on restocking my art doll section of my shop.   It is starting to get there and I have been listing new dolls for the past few days and figured it high time I shared them with my followers on here too.   I still have a few dolls in the works as well so this isn't it, but rather just the beginning!  :)  To find out more about any of them just click on their name to be taken to the Etsy Listing with a full description including sizes (some are pretty big!) and prices.  ttys

Stella the 70's Zombie Sex Kitten

Chester and Nelson the Bad Ass Bears Twins

The Cutie Patootie Zombie Bunnies Percy & Daisy

Lexxie the Party Zombie

Ziggy the Rockstar

Tabitha the One Eyed Zombie Mistress

Oddball Chuck

Oddball Felix

Oddball Violet

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