Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best Friends

Best Friends
Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
12" x 12" x 1.5"

Been working on this piece for a while now actually, it only took me so long because I kept doing other smaller projects at the same time. lol  I seem to get bored very easily if I work on the same piece for too long so I have to work on many different things all at the same time in order to keep my sanity!

This painting is the first completed one of the collection that I am working on for a Gallery Exhibition in April titled Darling Divine ~ Art of the Avant Garde.  I am collaborating with 2 other fabulous female artists for this exhibition and we will also be sharing profits with the Cancer Society.  With April being Cancer Awareness month it all worked out perfectly!  I will share all of the paintings for this as I complete them here on the blog.

In the meantime this piece along with others are available as a fine art reproduction on Fine Art America and you can check them out here cute paintings!
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