Monday, December 12, 2011

Movin' Up & Branchin' Out!

If you read my last few posts then you already know that Oddball Art Co. is now offering fine art prints of my artwork.  For the last year you have been able to buy my artwork locally through me or on the web through Etsy.  That is what's expanding!

You can now find Oddball Art Co. on Zazzle and on Fine Art America!  With these new places to buy my art means new forms in which to buy my art too!  Do know that I have been less then a week on both sites so they are expanding everyday so check back often.

On Zazzle you can find my art on everything from IPad covers, IPod covers, IPhone covers and other electronics and cases as well, binders, skateboards, shoes, necklaces, keychains, magnets, mousepads and soon to be much much more, I promise!!!!!   There is still 2 days left to get free shipping on orders $50+! 

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

Now Fine Art America is a little different, on this site you can find my art in a range of different sized fine art prints, art prints, acrylic prints, canvas prints and greeting cards.  I just got set up with FAA yesterday so I only have about 12 images available but that is changing daily.  I am making every effort to get both of these new stores fully set up by Christmas!

Art Prints
Browse more prints for sale from this artist HERE!

If there is something that you are interested in from either of these sites and you don't see it up yet, special requests are welcomed!  You can message me anytime at oddballart at hotmail dot com or through either of the 2 new stores.
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