Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hosting My First Ever BNR

Hopefully today's a day of firsts for many!  You see, today I am hosting for the first time ever, a BNR for our team 'The Undiscovered Artists of Etsy' and some of the shops included in the BNR today have no sales yet! I have a good feeling about today though!  In case your still sitting there wondering what on earth is a BNR? Well in short it stands for Buy and Replace, so a treasury is created, if you want in, then you buy an item in from a featured shop and your item replaces their item, pretty simple.  Of course there is a longer version but I honestly don't have the time to get into it now as I already previously mentioned, I'm hosting the BNR today! But I do have a snapshot of this wonderful collection of undiscovered items and I invite you all over to check it out for yourself today at

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