Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Money Won't Bring Happiness But Art Will

Well today I am going to bring my 10 pieces to Artcite for the exhibition.  I have been working for almost a month now on these pieces and there is no guarantee that even 1 of them will sell.  I of course will stay positive and hope for the best but it got me thinking about this whole art thing as a career and money and happiness, you know all that usuall deep stuff. What I've decided is this...

Art may never make me rich but it does make me happy, it makes me incredibly happy, so whats more important, being happy or money? Well, I am going to go with happy and hopefully along the way I make enough money to survive and as long as that happens, the way I see it is I would be the richest person in the world. 

You see, I actually feel sorry for all those professional types that are making all of the money, such as the colon doctor, I mean, that can't really be what brings that guy/girl enjoyment and happiness in life, I mean come on? Having to talk about everybodies poop all day while giving them a colonic, that can't really be true happiness but I am sure their paycheck at the end of the day puts a smile on their face.  I certainly don't want that, so in turn, I feel sorry for them because day in and day out dispite the money or no money I still get to be happy doing what I love to do EVERYDAY!  So, I am off to take my art to Artcite and when I get pack I think I'll paint a picture. Peace out!
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