Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 15th NEW Stamp Releases Already In The Shop!

In case you missed it because it didn't happen until about 3am on the 16th lol the new stamp releases are already in the shop but I  have not found the time to blog it until now.

While I have your attention, the new rubber stamp releases for May also became available on the Whimsy Stamps site yesterday! Here's what the new rubber stamps look like in color....

 (click n follow links then scroll WAY down!)

For my new digital stamp releases this time around I created a preview page to display the stamps with all of the info about each stamp on the page such as titles, image numbers and number of files and what type of files.  However if you find these pages hard to understand and hard to get a good look at the stamps,  you are not alone and not to worry,  after receiving feedback I am working on tweaking the design to make it more clear and easier to understand what you are looking at,  however in the meantime I have included the images without the preview page here and on Etsy.... 

FYI - Starting with IMG #218(below) all of my stamps/stamp sets will all come with a jpeg and a png of each image in the set.  (previously I was only including the sentiments as pngs)


Shop til you puke at the Spooky B-Cute...

With the last stamp release you may remember Sally Sadness and Jacks Box of Horrors new to the Spooky B-Cute section of my shop, they both looked somewhat similar to these next 2 stamps because they are all part of a new set of characters I am working on that I am calling "Creeps" (thank you to my hubby for the name, I can't take credit for that one tbh lol)

Brand NEW to the Oddball Digital DOLLAR BIN...


I have a big art show coming up at the beginning of June which I have been working like crazy to prepare for!  Has May just slipped right by for anyone else? or is that just me? lol   I will be at Art in the Park in Windsor Ontario June 6th and 7th if you are in the area come by and say HELLO!  I will have lots of artwork/merchandise that you will ONLY see and be able to buy in person at my shows!!!  With that being said,  the next digital stamp release will be June 15th (my birthday yay) instead of June 1st.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the new preview pages above.  Is it helpful to have all the info about the stamps right on the same page?   Is it too busy?   Is it easy to make out what each stamp looks like on this page?  Do you like the old way better? new way better?  

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Lizzy xoxo

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