Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Digi Stamp Release Today!

As I have been promising for the last few days I released 10 brand new digi stamp images in my Etsy Shop today!  The theme for today is zombies, zombies and more zombies so if you are faint of heart or creep out easily you've been warned! bawaah hah ha ha ha

Click HERE to see the "cute" version of #48

This inspiration behind these 10 new images was to "creep out" my big eye cute girls that are already available in my shop and take them from cute to creepy cute!

I haven't finished creeping out all of the cute girls from my shop yet and a couple of the creepy cute girls released today are not yet available as "cute" in my Etsy Shop yet either - if that makes sense? lol I might have just confused myself there!   Oh well, lets just look at more zombies and all will be well I promise...

Click HERE to see the "cute" version of #48

I've also been really into looking at Kawaii Chibi's around the net lately, they can be so adorable, and sketching little chibi doodles all over my journal!  So I decided to add a collection of Chibi's to my digi stamps and to start them off what better then a zombie chibi!

Of course since this is the first chibi in my shop there is no "cute" version of her to share but certainly will be one coming to my shop soon!

To keep my little Zombie Chibi Girl company is her Chibi friend the Ninja Zombie Bunny!  IMG#54 & 55 come as a set in my shop.  

Kind of reminding me of Spy vs Spy right now...


Now to get back to some more cute vs. creepy cute...

Click HERE to see the "cute" version of #52

Click HERE to see the "cute" version of #47

As always I would absolutely LOVE to see what you are creating with my digi designs so if you haven't joined my facebook group Mixed Mediaology yet I would love to invite you to join and share your creations with us!  JOIN HERE!

Cute version coming soon!

Click HERE to see the "cute" version of #49

As well we started a brand new challenge over on the Oddball Stamps Blog today!  I hope you will come over and join in the fun, one winner will get their choice of 3 free digi stamps, this is an Easter Challenge and will close on May 14th @ 10pm EDT!

Show off your challenge creations on Instagram using #ODDBALLARTCHALLENGE and @oddballartco

Click HERE to see the "cute" version of #50

and last but not least a Zombie Bunny Face...

What do you think of the new designs?  What kind of designs have you been dreaming of but don't see anywhere yet?  I can quite likely create it just leave me a comment or drop me a line I would love to bring your visions to life so to speak.  

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