Friday, March 14, 2014

Social Media Connecting Virtual Friends Around The World

Back in April of 2013 I created the Facebook Group NHB (No Holds Barred Team) in order to have a non restrictive round of Exquisite Corpse and have total creative freedom to create whatever and however we choose.  Since that first round of Exquisite Corpse that we did,  the group has grown as we all have grown closer establishing friendships while sharing our artwork, as well as tips, techniques and inspirations with each other!

This Facebook Group has enabled us to connect with other women artists from around the world in a way that otherwise wouldn't be possible without the use of social media.   I feel that this has helped us all learn and grow as artists.  Our group holds the importance of creative freedom very high, we do not put any restrictions on what can be created in our collaborations or what can be shared on our wall.  

We are currently organizing a second round of Exquisite Corpse where we will each start a piece of art to collaborate on and ship the artwork to each other worldwide til the finished pieces of art returns back home to the artist who started it;  the finished artwork will be a surprise to be revealed to the group as each part is covered up and kept secret til the end! 

Below is an example of an Exquisite Corpse I started by painting the face in the top section for round 1.  The middle section was created by Tammy Gulat and the bottom section was created by Joy Redington.  I just love how quirky and fun this piece turned out, I never grow tired of looking at it!

Exquisite Corpse 
Round 1

The NHB Team has also organized and participated in other collaborations together.  Ilona Heimbockel organized an International Art Collaboration where each artist prepared a piece of large fabric which could easily be folded and shipped out inexpensively.  The fabric creations were shipped around the world as each artist added a little something to each one and bit by bit the paintings began to emerge until the completed artworks arrived back home to the artist who started them.
I started this piece below for the aforementioned fabric collaboration by sewing the blue spotted Dr. Seuss fabric to the bright yellow fabric and mailing it off to TN, USA from there it traveled to NY, USA then to CA, USA and finally then making its way overseas to the UK, Germany and Australia before finally making its way back to me in Ontario Canada!  6 different artists from the NHB Team collaborated one at a time with complete creative freedom to create this painting and I love it!

International Art Collaboration
Mixed Media Painting on Fabric

Below are some examples of my personal artwork that I have created solely on my own but with inspiration that I found through Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook,  Blogger & Etsy.

Nurse Frankenfright 
by Lizzy Love
Mixed Media Painting

It started with a bang in war torn 1944
you think your safe
when you walk thru 
those hospital doors

until you meet the nurse of nightmares
she’s a terrifyingly sight
looking after her patients care
they call her Nurse Frankenfright 

in the dimly lit hall she stands
holding the bleeding heart 
while its still beating in her hand
she’s just getting to the best part

she sings “spooky come and spooky go
what I do with my bleeding hearts
is only for the dead to know”
~ Lizzy Love

The NHB Team on Facebook members are all women artists whom have never met in person but have made close personal bonds with each other and connect on a daily basis through our artwork, inspirations, collaborations and sometimes just to chat about the weather! lol  

A list of some of the original NHB Team members and links to their blogs, our team is ever growing though and I believe now doubled in size!

Lizzy Love, Ontario, Canada
Audrey Breed, Tennessee USA
Tammy Gulat Art, Ohio, USA
Vicky Knowles, New Jersey, USA
Joy Redington, Oregon, USA
Manon Visser, England, UK

Ever so gracefully 
she dances all around
across the floor
up and down
as she performs
the Zombie Ballet
ever so beautifully
on this special day! 
~Lizzy Love

My pet monster
best friend I ever had
through all the good times
and even all the bad
we walk the streets together
some people gawk and stare
when you moan "hi" to them
it gives them quite the scare
I don't mind when you drool
and your eyes roll in your head
your still totally cool 
and always welcome in my bed
and when your limbs and tail
fall off and need repair
I can stitch them on again
I will always be right there
~ Lizzy Love

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