Friday, February 7, 2014

Travelling Journals

A couple of nights ago I shared with you my WIP of the journal page which was also my faces #4 and #5 for the 29 Faces Challenge.

I finished that page today putting me even further behind in the challenge but I'm not going to sweat it, I'm just going to simply continue working at my own pace and do what I do, and that's all I can do! lol

In trying to get 2 birds stoned and accomplish multiple tasks at once I have been trying to combine the challenge with other projects I have on the go so the journal page that I have been working on is part of a project I am doing called Travelling Journals where everyone in the group starts a journal and sends it out and it gets passed to each person in the group all over the world, each person doing a single page in each journal and every journal coming back completed to the person who started it.   This journal page below is one that I have done in one of my groups members journals and I will be mailing it off to the next person on Monday.  

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