Thursday, September 19, 2013

Undead Daphne

I am thrilled to introduce to you Undead Daphne a commissioned art doll that I just finished!  First let me tell you a little about her..

She is pretty big at 30 inches
her costume is half removable (hood comes off and unzips in the front)
her face is hand painted
she is 100% handmade by me even her hair barrettes

Undead Daphne just as cute as can be
she dresses all up so you wont see
hiding behind her fuzzy hood
just a poor little zombie so misunderstood
people just run and hide in fear
never knowing they’ve caused her so many tears
all she ever wanted was a bestest friend
someone to love and cuddle with til the end
then one day a girl named Megan came along
they laughed so much she knew her lonesome days were gone
always there for each other with a drop of a dime
forever together best friends for all time!
~ Lizzy Love

visit my Etsy Shop for more art dolls and paintings! Feel free to contact me with your ideas for your own commissioned art doll, I love to bring your ideas to life!

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