Friday, December 21, 2012

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

and the big ol' spider....

As many have already seen on FB I wanted to share my spider art dolls that I just finished for a custom order for a lady that collects real pet spiders and is truly the "spider" lady!!!! She just came and picked them up this morning and was absolutely in love with them so I guess mission accomplished!  

I had never done a spider art doll before when she asked me to do it but everything turned out even better then I could have imagined and I am now looking forward to finding some time to make some more for my Etsy Shop!  In the meantime if you wish to order your own in your own choice of colors I have put a couple of "made to order" listings in my shop for you to place an order if you so wish.  Of course my art dolls are always one of a kind so I can not recreate these exact spiders but I can do something similar.

First we have Scooter the Spider who is apprx 6" in diameter with a leg span of apprx. 15".  He comes with a little story on a card...

"Im a little spider watch me spin
I go by the name of Scooter
and I just might let you in!
I have 8 legs that are hairy,
but you'll soon see that 
I'm not that scary!
We can hang out in my web
it will be just fine,
only if you promise to 
be a friend of mine!"

 Next we have Ursula who is apprx. 14" from front to back and apprx. 8" tall with a leg span of apprx. 20" wide.  She also has a little story that goes...

"Ursula the spider hatched from an egg,
She's extra creepy with her 8 hairy legs!
In her giant web watch her spin,
as the flies come falling in.
Ursula will quickly grab them tight
and gobble them all up in one BIG bite!!!"

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