Thursday, November 1, 2012

Honey I Shrunk The Oddlings

Bobbi Bobkins started his life looking just like all the other Oddlings in regards to size. However Bobbi was always a little too curious for his own good, wondering about, getting into anything and everything that peeked his interest! One day Bobbi Bobkins stumbled upon a peculiar looking door that he had never seen before. He tried to open it and found that it was locked, this made him even more curious as he imagined all the possibilities that could be on the other side of it. Bobbi asked around for a key but no one knew of one so he knew what he had to do. Bobbi gathered up a bunch of tools and set out to pry the lock open. After many many hours to Bobbi's delight he finally unlocked the door! As the door swung open a light brighter then he had ever seen shined out upon him, blinding him from what was inside. As his curiosity got the better of him he stepped inside anyhow. Bobbi was only inside for a few seconds when the door seemed to forcefully spit Bobbi back out with great force, only Bobbi didn't quite look like Bobbi anymore..... Bobbi Bobkins was now only 9 inches tall! His morning coffee cup was now more like a bathtub to him! Bobbi Bobkins had been SHRUNK!

Oddball Art Co on Etsy

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