Friday, October 12, 2012

A Warm Welcome To Merlin

Merlin was born into this world by the master musical Wizard Gildon Everard. Gildon loved his piano so much that he wanted to give it life, and a name and such Merlin was pieced together with the finest fabrics and notions Gildon could find and of course his much loved piano. The two of them lived happily together, making music for all that would listen for the next 400 years. One day Gildon went out for a routine trip to market while Merlin patiently waited for his master to return, days and nights went by and the realization swept over Merlin that he might never see his beloved Gildon again. Merlin unable to sit and wait any longer, went out into the world in hopes of finding Gildon or even a clue to his whereabouts. Merlin wondered the trails he knew until he eventually no longer recognized his surroundings and realized he too was now lost and cold and alone. Merlin has taken refuge here with the other Oddlings in hopes of one day being adopted to a new Master that will take care of him and love him the way Gildon once did, and he will provide hundreds of years of happiness to whomever that lucky one might be.

Merlin is a one of a kind handmade art doll. He has been made with vintage fabrics and his face has been hand painted with the finest fabric paints available. While his left eye has been hand painted on, his right ear is made of white fun fur. He has 2 piercings in his one ear with removable silver jump rings in them. He wears a black bow and 2 large yellow buttons on his super long neck. The widest part of his body is piano keys and he has just the right size patch of white fun fur on his chest.

Oddling Merlin measures 35" from the bottom of his toe to the tip of his ear. His widest part of his body measures 16" across.

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