Thursday, July 28, 2011

10th Annual SMOGFEST

Saturday August 6 2011 will be the Opening Reception of the 10th Annual SMOGFEST in Windsor ON.  This year however will be my first year involved in it.  I finally finished my 4 pieces last night and dropped them off this morning at the CEA Office with only minutes to spare til the deadline.  Anyone who knows me, knows that is in true Elizabeth Matlack fashion! lol 

I did manage to find a few minutes to photograph everything before I brought it in this morning. So that I can present it here for all those in other parts of the world that are interested but whom obviously won't be making it to the Opening Reception on Saturday.

Each artist was allowed to submit 4 pieces in total.  They could be any medium, shape, size, they just have to represent Windsor's Smog issue in some way, shape or form or any other environmental issue that we deal with in this area.

I initially set out to do 4 acrylic paintings, however due to time constraints that just wasn't possible.  I later decided to do one large Acrylic painting with 3 mixed media pieces I call Eco Art.  I felt it was only well suited to do Eco Art for this being an environmental show and all.  

I first present you with my original Acrylic painting titled "Destruction of Beauty" done on a Gallery Wrapped canvas 16" x 16" x 1.5" in size.

When looking at this painting one might think it would look so much prettier if it didn't have those ugly smokestacks and smoke, and if the pretty flowers and greenery, trees and butterflies just continued around the globe! Well, that is the point!!!  So would our earth!

Then I added 3 Eco Art pieces, one is called "Life," one is called "Footprint," and one is called "Smokestacks" each are 8" x 10" in size and framed.

When they are hung around the painting, the whole thing says.... "What will YOUR footprint look like when you leave this world?!"

SMOGFEST is a silent auction and it runs for a month.  For anyone who in my area and would like to attend.  There will be lots of beautiful artworks from many talented local artists displayed at Pop Hair Gallery located at 973 Erie St. E. Windsor ON.  It's 2 levels and contains a hair salon in half and an Art Gallery in the other half.  The Opening Reception will be August 6th 7pm - 10pm.  I do not have dates and times for the rest of the duration that it will be open.  
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