Friday, June 17, 2011

Fabulous Friday Finds

It's Friday and that time again!  I have rounded up some really fabulous finds to share with you today.  I hope you enjoy each and every one as much as I do! 

Purple Guitar Cat - 8.5 x 11 print
I came across this shop today and I think it is fabulous!  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love cats, I do have 3 of them myself.  This shop has many cats in many colors in different situations and they are all fabulous so stop by and have a look for yourself.

Drops of happiness necklace and earrings set
This necklace and earrings set is from a fabulous little shop on Etsy.  I absolutely love the colors and the intricate bead work in this piece.  You can definately make a statement with this necklace and earrings!  Make sure you check out this artists entire shop for more handcrafted, unique jewellery!

The Sweets Series (Cupcake) : 6.25 x 12.5
I came across this artist a little while ago and really fell in love with his work.  It's almost as if he designed his pieces for me and my husband and yet he doesn't even know us.  My husband LOVES anything to do with the war and especially tanks, he even has a very large collection of RC Tanks that is his hobby.  The colors used in this piece and the cupcake totally appeal to me so it is just a perfect combination.  After reading this artists profile it seems he designed this series around his and his wifes tastes.  What a clever idea, I think his work is absolutely fabulous!!!  You can find more of his sweet series in his shop.

This is another artist that I discovered a little while ago and I am just fascinated by the fabulous artistry in this shop.  In fact I had a hard time deciding what I would feature here today.  I decided on Herman because this was the very first piece I discovered of theirs.  This artist hand sculpts her work from air dry clay and then uses acrylics to paint the most fabulous faces.  In the artists words, this is a unique piece made with alot of attention for detail and love.  There are lots of unique pieces to discover in HoribbleSweet so make sure you stop by and discover her fabulous creations.

Grandpa Crow and The Grand Baby Crows, Original Aceo
I have admired this artists crow paintings for just about as long as I have been on Etsy.  I think her baby crows are especially adorable but you can find everything from baby crows all the way to grandpa crows in her shop.  She has crows doing everything from excersing to genies to zombies to visting the stonehenge, she has it all.  This is your one stop shop for fabulous crow love!

Antique Bronze Adjustable Ring Vintage Inspired Teal Flower 
This is another fabulous shop that I discovered today selling Hawaiian inspired jewellery, hair adornment and accessories.  Antique Bronze Filigree Adjustable Ring Vintage Inspired Teal Flower Cabachon Cameo also available in purple, yellow and cream.  This ring is fabulous and so is the rest of her shop so be sure to swing by.

Edible Sugar Strawberries - SAMPLE ORDER
I discovered this fabulously sweet shop today.  Specializing in creating made to order sugar decorations for special event cakes and individual confections.  You will find everything from tiny little sugar mushrooms to sugar seashells to these charming sugar strawberries they have it all.  Everything looks to be made with perfect attention to every detail making it all look amazing with such realism.  This shop is absolutely charming, a must see!

Live Love Laugh Bangle Bracelet (Black and White)
Specializing in Unique, Stylish, Fun and Funky Bracelets and Rings this shop is just fabulous!  So many designs to choose from I am sure you will find one that suits your fancy or if your like me they all will! lol This shop is a very unique treat that you won't want to miss!

always on your shoulder
This art print is fabulous, I just love everything about it!  This artist has everything from Digital art, paintings, aceo trading cards,mixed media, magnets & pendants.  I think her art is so fun, unique and creative, and I am sure you will too.  What are you waiting for go check it out!

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